Developmentally Based Growth

Every child has the capacity to grow and progress forward in every area of growth - emotional, social, cognitive, and academic. The key to building this growth is to meet each child at his or her current point in development and provide the appropriate support from that point forward. Rainbow Connections supports children with challenges using approaches that follow the path of typical development, focusing on those particular steps that the child has missed.

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Developmental Retraining

When children have all their developmental foundations in place, they are able to easily progress through the sequence of movements which cause them to become neurologically organized. Among other things, this process builds physical foundations including sensory integration, and visual and auditory strength. It also ensures children meet their social, emotional, and cognitive milestones with ease.

RDI® for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Relationship Development Intervention (RDI®) is a parent-based autism therapy that goes beyond treating the symptoms of autism to addressing the “root” of the disorder itself. The focus is centered on those things that will make the biggest difference in your child’s ability to attain a high quality of life - to be able to communicate well, have friends, and enjoy independence.


Academic Support

Children who are successful academically have all of their developmental milestones solidly in place. This gives them the ability to sit still and focus, remember, imagine, see and hear clearly, and process information efficiently. These abilities are needed to learn with ease in a classroom setting. When there are gaps in foundations, children are at a disadvantage and will need support to be successful.