Academic Support

Children who are successful academically have all of their developmental milestones solidly in place. This gives them the ability to sit still and focus, remember, imagine, see and hear clearly, and process information efficiently. These abilities are needed to learn with ease in a classroom setting. When there are gaps in foundations, children are at a disadvantage and will need support to be successful.

Working on foundational gaps can help children get to the place where they can learn with ease

Children With Learning Disabilities

Using developmentally appropriate programs, Rainbow Connections is able to provide specific support for children who have trouble with:

  • Reading (decoding and comprehension)
  • Handwriting (pencil grip and putting ideas to paper)
  • Math
  • Focus and Attention
  • Working Memory
  • Processing Speed

Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

The key to success in a school environment is to ensure that expectations for the child are appropriate in all areas of development. When guidance is thoughtful and customized strategies are used, the classroom setting can be a valuable place to learn and grow.

Some families decide that homeschooling is a better choice for their child’s learning needs. This is an appropriate choice for some as homeschooling allows a degree of customizing that is not possible in the classroom.

Whatever option families choose for their child’s formal learning, Rainbow Connections is able to provide support. For those with children in school settings, Paulette is able to carry out classroom observations, devise customized strategies, and work cooperatively with school staff to create a successful learning situation. For homeschooling families she can assess academic readiness/progress, provide curriculum recommendations and suggest teaching strategies appropriate to your child’s needs.