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Paulette Cormier, B.A., B.Ed., O.C.T.

Paulette’s journey helping children succeed began in the classroom. She has experience as a classroom teacher, supply teacher, vice-principal of a K-12 school, and teaching children with special needs.

She also has a strong background in the autism field. She began working with families using an approach called Relationship Development Intervention (RDI®), a program that not only addresses the core issues of autism, but trains parents in the critical role of guiding their child's remediation. She has been certified as an RDI® Consultant since 2006.

Paulette main goal in working with children is to identify and work with the body-related gaps that are causing challenges. She works from the knowledge that issues in the body play a large role in the challenges that children with neurodevelopmental delays (including autism, AD(H)D and learning disabilities) face. She has extensive training and experience in modalities that remediate gaps in the body.  She is certified as an AIT (Auditory Integration Training) Practitioner and as a Licensed Brain Gym Instructor/ Consultant. She has training in a variety of methods that integrate primitive reflexes and give children the opportunity to redo the sequence of movements that typically developing children go through (critical abilities that lead to neurological organization).

Her knowledge and experience in helping children learn and grow in these areas give her a unique ability to help children progress forward. Depending on the specific needs of each child, she is able to determine a developmentally appropriate course of action to help each child make true progress in their area(s) of need - social, emotional, cognitive, or academic.

Paulette supports families and children's developmental and educational needs in a variety of capacities including:

  • working one-on-one with children
  • customized, developmental tutoring
  • consultation
  • program supervision (academic, social, emotional, behavioural)
  • school observation/recommendations

Paulette is passionate about helping families get to the “root” of their child’s developmental challenge and putting the appropriate strategies in place to effect true progress.

She has training and experience in the following therapies: