Search and Teach

Children with learning disabilities struggle to learn what comes easily to other children. However, the problems that result often involve much more than academic difficulties. Issues with self-esteem occur when a child realizes that he or she is unable to keep up with the rest of the class. The child’s school life, relationships, and home life can be negatively impacted.

Search and Teach is an early intervention tool designed to identify young children (5 and 6 year olds) who may be later identified with learning disabilities. The goal is to act early and give young children the abilities they need to succeed in the school environment before they experience academic failure and circumvent the problems that occur as a result.

SEARCH is a 20-minute assessment tool that identifies those children vulnerable for learning disabilities. It is designed to assess the perceptual and neuropsychological abilities children need to have in order to learn. The assessment identifies both the strengths and deficits allowing the practitioner to use this information as a guide for remediation.

TEACH is a set of 55 instructional tasks that have been created to target the deficits identified in the SEARCH assessment and to deliver a program customized for each individual child. The practitioner does not function as an academic tutor. The TEACH tasks do not teach reading, math, or other academics. Instead they strengthen the perceptual abilities which serve as the foundational building blocks necessary for reading and language arts – visual, visual-motor, auditory, and body perception.

 “The strength of SEARCH & TEACH is in early intervention. This twofold approach offers educators an effective tool for catching learning disorders at the beginning of a child’s academic career, before the downward spiral of failure begins. With proper and timely identification and intervention, many children can be spared the lifelong consequences of learning disorders.”

Rosa A. Hagin, Ph.D

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